Worship Service - April 7, 2023


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Apr. 07, 2023


+ The Order of Tenebrae +

Tonight’s service of darkness, also known as “Tenebrae” (a Latin word meaning darkness or shadows), is a Holy Week devotion dating back to the seventh or eighth century A.D. It is characterized by the successive extinguishing of candles as the service progresses. Tonight’s service is divided into seven parts, each highlighting Christ’s last seven words from the cross. The words for tonight’s service come from the Psalms, Isaiah, the Gospel of Matthew, and ancient liturgical texts. Near the conclusion of the service, the congregation will recite the Lord’s Prayer. Then, after the Good Friday prayer, the Christ candle will be removed, symbolizing our Lord’s death and burial. The “strepitus” is heard, a harsh noise    indicating the closing of the tomb. The Christ candle is returned to its place in anticipation of our Lord’s resurrection. At the completion of the service, please leave silently, maintaining the spirit of worship befitting this solemn occasion.