Voice of the Shepherd


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May 14, 2023

“Voice of the Shepherd”

John 10:1-10

Why is the voice of the shepherd so important?  The sheep listen to the shepherd’s voice. They know his voice and they follow him.  In our Gospel lesson today, Jesus tells us the importance of knowing who the Shepherd is and recognizing his voice. Our gospel also refers to the sheep pen. What is the sheep pen and why is it so important? It is the Church. What is the Gate? It is Jesus. That is to say to say that he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father—or to the Church—except through Him. The thief and robber try to find another way in besides the gate. What are they trying to do? “Only to steal and kill and destroy.” There are robbers who try to get the benefit of being one of Christ’s sheep without being part of the flock. The Shepherd enters through the gate. And the shepherd brings sheep in and out according to the gate. The true shepherd enters by the gate. He knows how to take the sheep in and out of the gate. He knows its location. Jesus is the Gate of the sheep. He is the only way to enter into the Kingdom of God. This knowledge of Shepherd and his voice is intimate; it has to be, or else there could be no trust, no vulnerability on our part. He calls us his sheep by name. He knows us and he leads us. He knows what we need and where we have been.