It All Began With Baptism


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May 21, 2023

“It All Began With Baptism”

Acts 10:34-38

Peter found himself standing in the household of Cornelius - years after the death and resurrection of Christ.  What in the world led him here?  A few days prior to this, Peter received a dream of a sheet falling from the sky - telling him to kill and eat reptiles and birds.  Little did he know that when he awoke from this dream, he would end up travelling several days north to a town far away from home - in the house of Cornelius.  Peter explains to Cornelius, It All Began with Baptism. Peter started out, you know what has happened throughout Judea, beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached.   It all started with the baptism of John.  To the world this would seem like a strange way to prepare for a new kingdom and a king.  But God’s way has never been man’s.  In the midst of this great spiritual renewal, Jesus showed up on the scene.  And what does he say to John?  “Baptize me!”  Jesus didn’t need His sins to be washed away.  So why do it? Jesus said to “fulfill all righteousness.”  It all began with baptism!  It just took off from there! Here Peter was - many miles from Jerusalem - talking to Gentiles about Christ. Notice, how baptism was a central point - a key part in the ministry of John the Baptist, the ministry of Jesus - and the ministry of the Gentile Christians in Caesarea.  


1.    How was Peter prepared for his ministry to Cornelius?

2.    How was John’s baptism a starting point?

3.    Why was Jesus baptized?